Water Management (Recycling, Reuse, Reclamation)

We work closely with environmentally-conscious experts to draft and execute  responsible solutions for water, mineral and energy resource management and utilization. Water is an incredibly valuable resource that is being depleted at alarming rates. We want to assist ranchers and other land owners find ways to reuse their groundwater and find multiple benfits from the resources available with a focus on conservation and getting rid of waste-intensive processes.

Landfill Engineering

Oilfield waste landfill operations are in high-demand and needed for further development in the Permian Basin. They do tend to take a larger acreage footprint but are heavily regulated and a certain net benefit to the land, surrounding area, underground acquifers and more.

Land Acquisition

While many midstream development firms have their focus and budget directed towards building infrastructure and transport systems to support operations, Source Rock Midstream  does things a little differently. Our business was founded on the principles of land stewardship. We have the expertise and resources necessary to work hand-in-hand with ranch and other land owners to determine how to best monetize their development potential while either maintaining or improving their lands simultaneously for future generations.

Land Stewardship

The Permian Basin is an incredibly prolific and historic place. We are committed to preserving the authenticity and vitality of the basin by finding ways to operate with a focus on being the best stewards of the lands and people with whom we work. We have found many ways to dispose, recycle, remediate and reuse water, caliche, stranded gas and other commodities discovered and unearthed during drilling and other production activities.


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