Where we operate

Permian Basin (Texas and New Mexico)


Our team has extensive experience in the Permian Basin and we have a finger on the pulse of the evolving New Mexico landscape as well.

Development Proposal Options

  • Landfill
  • Slurry Injection Wells
  • Commercial and Private SWD
  • Gas gathering systems
  • Crude blending facilities
  • RV parks
  • Pipelines and ROWs

Permian Basin Water Facts

  • ~1200% increase in barrels of water used per well drilled, over the last decade
  • Roughy 1.2 billion barrels of water used, across the Permian Basin, in 2019 oil and gas operations
  • Agricultural use of water is over 50x oil and gas annually


"Water is the new frontier."

"Water is the new gold."

Did you know that horizontally drilled oil and gas wells in the Delaware Basin of West Texas produce 4 barrels of water for every barrel of oil?

What about the fact that there is an estimated $9 billion of infrastructure in the water and midstream markets, in the Permian Basin alone, to support projects already in development?

Source Rock Midstream was formed in August 2019 to help land and ranch owners responsibly and effectively make the most of the development opportunities available. We are focused on developing and maintaining relationships with firms that go the extra mile and operate with long term land and asset stewardship in mind first and foremost. Our team is committed to being of service to our clients, being vocal advocates of responsible resource development and leading the charge into new frontiers as the produced and recycled water use markets, regulations and opportunities continue to develop and adapt as new information becomes available.