About Us



SRM facilitates off-market, private acquisitions and divestitures on behalf of clients ranging from legacy surface owners, ranchers, oil and gas operators, midstream firms, to transportation and logistics partners in order to maximize profit.

We are in the business of developing a plan that maximized potential while maintaining a focus on land stewardship.



Our team has developed relationships with a number of the most effective, diligent, honest project development and asset management teams in the business. 

We pride ourselves on the ability to get top-market offers and make introductions to only the upper echelon of partners. 

Water Resourcing


SRM has a vast network of ranch and land owners, midstream/water transfer groups and oil and gas operators that have dynamic water resourcing needs. 

Whether you are in need of water for a frac, want to market your water rights to developers in the area or have an interest in purchasing assets, let's chat.